Initial Procedure
  • The Project and General Manager shall prepare the contract with the client and facilitate the signing of contract between the two parties – Al Jaber Decoration and the client.
  • The Production secretary shall issue an approved Job Order (JO) and notify all the concerned department heads.
Creation of the Project Execution Plan
  • The Technical Department shall engage in the preparation of project execution plan for the approved new project that includes all details of the project such as the schedule of the project implementation, supply and cost of materials needed as well as the manpower requirement.
Procurement of Material and Equipment
  • Meanwhile, all necessary materials of the project shall be purchased based on the agreed estimation of materials.
Shop Drawing and Sample Submission for Approval to the Client
  • Upon receiving the JO, the Technical Department shall draft the mock-up design strictly based on the client’s specification and shall be presented to the client for approval. Revisions shall be made based on customer requirements.
Production Schedule
  • Subsequently, the final mock-up is issued to the Production Department for the manufacturing of the items. The department shall follow a schedule to meet the targeted completion date of the project.
Site Installation
  • Finally, all manufactured items shall be delivered to the project site for installation.